Our Work

Our work is focussed on enhancing the quality of life in both urban and rural society in India. Our work covers a wide variety of areas ranging from healthcare to renewable energy, women’s empowerment to welfare, agriculture to the arts, nutrition and cuisine.

Our work is divided among five core committees:
Medical, Educational and Social Work(MES)
music &
The arts
The Recipe
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Our Five Phase Approach:
  • Phase 1
    Identifying authentic projects that require our support
  • Phase 2
    Raising funds and awareness for our initiatives
  • Phase 3
    Overseeing the successful management of the project from end to end. If need be, we partner with other professionals, individuals and like-minded organizations where needed.
  • Phase 4
    Following up to ensure that the identified goals of the project/community have been achieved, and reporting it back to the club.
  • Phase 5
    Evaluating and introspection on what more we can do, and how we can make our efforts and operations more streamlined and impactful.

Over and above individual committee meetings, the entire club membership meets on a regular basis and discusses the progress of various initiatives that we have undertaken. Each committee submits and presents a report of the work undertaken by it at the Annual General Meeting.

Over and above these meetings, the club constantly holds a variety of social and charitable events, in which the club’s members are actively involved.